Monday, July 30, 2007

Belgium calling

Dear Dinges,

Welcome. Belgium is one of smallest countries in the world. We are squeezed between France and Germany, our mostly well behaved neighbours with exception of the occasional German invasion and the almost permanent French snobbery towards the "Petits Belges", the "Little Belgians".

We live with about 10 million people in tiny patch the size of Maryland. Belgian men feel pretty strong with a ratio of 1.05 males per female, however female life expectancy is 82.24 years while males tend to check out earlier at 75.75 years. There are two main kinds of Belgians, both have strange names. The Flemish cover 58% of the population, the Walloons only 31%, and some 11% is undefined. But that is mostly irrelevant, because today (and in the foreseeable future), we are here to discuss Wafels and Dinges.

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