Sunday, September 9, 2007

7999 rumors

In Belgium, Ms. Vanderindevoorde - Assistant Secretary of Wafels - issued a press release yesterday to respond to rumors circulating on the internets. She stated: "We hear rumors on the internets that Belgian waffles would merely be an (American) marketing ploy and that there are really no such things in Belgium. The real story is - Belgian waffles ("Gaufres" in French) actually do exist. Only, in Belgium, they're not called "Belgian" waffles. In Belgium we boast two waffle styles, named after our two largest cities. The original Liege waffle has an irregular circular shape with a ragged edge, while the traditional Brussels waffle is rectangular. Wafels are part of who we are as Belgians. We grown up with them, we eat them as breakfast, but also as an anytime snack - afternoon, evening or late-night!" She said "Wafels are to Belgians what bratwurst is to the Germans, or what pretzels are to New Yorkers".
Ms. Vanderindevoorde concluded by referring to the movie "Blue in the Face". Throughout the movie, which is a great portrait of life in Brooklyn, strange characters keep on popping up to randomly discuss the merits of Belgian wafels. Check it out...

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