Wednesday, September 26, 2007

If you see something, say something!

We heard that the Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs was recently seen shopping around for its first wafel truck ever in NYC. It will be a rather modest beginning. Apparently they bought this 1968 Chevy Box Truck. Mr. T. DeGeest (Belgium's Special Wafel Envoy) told us that the vehicle only has 32,000 miles on the counter. He said "We're not so sure how many times the counter has passed the zeros, but we really hope it's the first go-around. Buying this beauty from 1968 reminded us of that glorious time in the 60's - when Belgium first introduced the Brussels Wafel to America. It was in the 1964 World Fair in Flushing Queens." He added "Our choice of vehicle, even though it seems a little shabby, couldn't be more appropriate for our great Belgian Wafel surge coming in October of this year!"

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