Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's true

You may have heard the rumors. You may have noticed the delicious aromas is in the corners of Union Square or across from the Lincoln Center. You may have spotted our yellow truck buzzing around town...or you may even have tried a tasting. It's true. We're up and running. The official Belgian Wafel truck, sent to NYC by the Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs, made its debut in NYC in October. We're here to bring back the original Belgian Waffles, imported from Belgium, served by Belgians. Can it get any more Belgian than this?

So far, we've had some really great reactions. Clearly, there's waffles, and then there's wafels - from the wafels & dinges truck. We love the way New York has reacted and we're going to bring some good stories in the next weeks! Keep waffling!

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Anonymous said...

I had one this morning and it was great. I think I will make it a Sunday fixture. Thanks

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They don't make 'm anymore like that...