Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year's resolution

Here's our New Year's resolution for the year:

We are going to make NY wait longer for Brussels wafels.

WHAT??? Yes. Here's the thing...As you know, we make two kinds of waffles in the truck. The Brussels wafel (light and crispy) and the Liege wafel (soft and chewy). We've learned of the past months that there is a noticeable difference in crispness when a Brussels waffle is baked and then reheated several minutes later. And we were not the only ones to notice, but some of our wafel-connoisseur customers have noticed it too. And we just try to listen and do better.

So, after consultation with the Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs, we have passed some new wafel legislation.

WAFEL LAW passed 12/29/07
Special session of the Belgian Congress

"BRUSSELS WAFELS shall be MADE FRESH TO ORDER". Which means that a Brussels waffle will now take a 2 minute wait (still about half of a Starbucks wait on a busy afternoon). We've started implementing this new rule a few weeks ago (after Ed Levine recommended us to do so), and it seems that 99% of our customers don't mind a little wait for a much nicer waffle.

You will also notice that we always have stacks of pre-baked Liege waffles ready. The reason why we pre-bake the Liege waffles is because the dough needs to go through a proofing process, which is impossible to do in a truck. But mind you that a pre-baked Liege waffle is a totally different animal than a pre-baked Brussels waffle. A Liege will easily hold for days / weeks (in Belgium you can buy them on the supermarket shelves), whereas a pre-baked Brussels will lose it's texture within 10 minutes. Our Liege dough is made by a small artisanal shop in Belgium, which gives us a much higher quality than what you will find in other places in NYC (they import from the mass-production factories, i.e. quality of the butter, flour and yeast is different).

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