Thursday, February 12, 2009

Last Legs

This is not a very happy subject. Anyone who's had a severly ill close friend or family member knows. And so it is with the Wafels & Dinges truck. While we are not quite writing its obituary yet, but we know that the end is near. Our beloved truck, a 68' Chevy, is not recovering well from the last few surgeries - clutch replacement, transmission rebuild, exhaust name it. Last time we managed to start it, it seemed to be running on only 1 cylinder, literally, with tons of backfire caughing and banging. It was scary.
So we brought the Wafels & Dinges truck home, to Chelsea, to let it die peacefully near it's base. Home sweet home.

But what a wonderful last run are we having in our own neighbourhood! Neighbours who've seen the truck parked so many nights on 22nd street, can now finally come to get a taste of the wafels & the dinges. It's like old friends finding each other back after years of loosing touch, only to discover they lived a block apart! What a great feeling to be part of our neighbourhood in this way!

We'll be spending Mondays through Fridays on the corner of 22nd and 7th for the next weeks. On weekends we'll try to make Park Slope still.
We'll let you know when it's really time to come say good-bye.

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