Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Allez Allez! Skyscraper Harlem Classic

Have you ever wondered why we wear these silly Eddy Merckx hats in the waffletruck? It's because Eddy was the greatest. Cyclist - that is. But that's not the point. The point is: we LOVE cycling - it's probably Belgium's sport number #2 (after the soccer, and before the billiards, which is also very tiring).

So - we're going to get involved. This Sunday. Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem. From 11:30am - 3pm. Here's what the Annual Skyscraper Harlem Classic is all about:

It's a 4 corner bicycle classic that zooms around Marcus Garvey Park, right in the heart of Harlem. The race has a strong community involvement, and it's the most famous and spectator friendly race in New York City. The Harlem Community comes out to see the race, which adds to the personality of the race. The race also features "citizens" races and kids races, allowing people from the local community to race on a more informal level.

The nature of crits makes them more spectator-friendly than any other kind of bike race. the course is short (.8 mi), so the racers zoom by again and again. since the races are short, the pace is intense!. And of course, the NASCAR-like appeal of crashes makes it all-the-more exciting!

The Races Start at 12:30 and go on into the early evening. Marcus Garvey Park is located on 122nd Street Between Malcom X Boulevard and Park avenue. Come out and enjoy an afternoon at the Races!

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