Monday, July 20, 2009

Wafel Crash

This is what happens when you participate in the Bastille Day Street Fair. You will have a clueless truck driver who won't notice you have an awning sticking out. He will then drive by and shred your awning to pieces. Woohoo!
The good news is we were able to turn the truck around and serve from the other side.
I normally never do street fairs. While they're supposed to add color to the neighborhood, they've turned into the same blant nuisances that repeat themselves over and over again in the summertime.
Bastille Day is an exception because they actually do try to stick to a french or francophone theme (we little belgians were really honored to be invited by our big french brothers!). It was a good day after all. We had a line all day and the waffle-guy had to call in his lovely wife to come help manage the line.

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