Monday, August 23, 2010

Miss / Mister Wafel 2010

Allright. We have a few wafelettes and wafeleurs that are up to the challenge, and possibly will win a YEAR of FREE WAFELS tomorrow.

Miss Wafel 2010 contestants:
  • Elyse Kantrowitz (confirmed)
  • Tia Lab (confirmed)
  • Jasmin Hashi (confirmed)
  • Nicole Falcaro (confirmed)
Mister Wafel 2010 contestants:
  • Jonathan Leiter (confirmed)
  • Luther Cherry-Feiger (confirmed)
  • Rick Betita (confirmed) 
  • Christopher Roger (confirmed)


Runner NYC said...

I see you've got me in the running for Mister Wafel. I'm not offended, even though I did say I should be Miss Wafel; however, I am not "equipped" to be a Mister anything. ;)

creamfox said...

Leuk, een Vlaming die met een Vlaams product scoort in New York, bij mijn volgend bezoek aan NY kom ik zeker een wafeltje smullen. Doe zo voort.

Ik heb je gelinkt op mijn blog :

TODAY SHOW hosts the Waffle Guy

They don't make 'm anymore like that...