Monday, May 23, 2011

The Central Park Madam

Dear Wafeleurs and Wafelettes!

Announcement! As you all know by now, our momma truck gave birth to yet another beautiful baby cart! After the Goesting, Vedette and Bierbeek, we are proud to present to you our first baby girl cart named Kotmadam! She weighed 2 tons and measured little over 8 feet on the day she was born. After a couple weeks in the waffle maternity, where she got a nice paint job, a logo and a few Belgian cycling stickers, Kotmadam is now permanently baking waffles at the Great Lawn in Central Park! Not bad for a newborn!

Kotmadam is named after an ancient practice in the town of Leuven, Belgium. Leuven is densely populated by thousands of waffle loving students. They all have their own little dorm room (no roommates, us Belgians don't like sharing our waffles) in converted townhouses in the city. Such a dorm room is called a "kot" which is flemish slang for room, shack, hole, etc.

A kot is usually managed by... you guessed it... the Kotmadam!

As a tribute to their role in Leuven society, the town of Leuven dedicated a statue to the Kotmadam in 1985. There's even a popular show about the life of a Kotmadam and her students on Flemish TV!

So next time you're taking a stroll in the Park, come check out Kotmadam in her full glory at the Great Lawn! She won't care for your Manhattan apartment, you've got a superintendent for that, but she's bound to serve you a darn good waffle!

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