Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Messy Wafel Gets Cleaned Up

Wafel Friends - we have to apologize!

Our recently launched website had a glitch in how it captured resumes from job applicants. As a consequence, some applicants' names and resumes showed up in Google's search results when you Googled the applicant's name.

The GOOD NEWS now: The glitch is 99% solved. Resumes are NO longer showing on Google. Zero. There may be a few people who still get a link showing on Google search results (that's the Google cache, which will be cleared in a few days), but definitely no resumes.

No need to say we profusely apologize for this. The baby's face says it all. We've also sent a few rocket-propelled waffle-grenades to our developer's HeadQuarters in California. Thanks for letting us know and your understanding.

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