Monday, August 6, 2007

Belgian wafel debate heating up

Campaign donations by local wafel lobby groups in Belgium have tripled in recent days. The opportunity to land contracts with the Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs is unprecedented. Belgium is a country with many types of wafels, but so far only the traditional "Brussels Wafel" has made it to America. Owners of "Liege Wafels" companies believe that now is the time to introduce the Liege Wafel to the world. Brussels Wafels advocates on the other hand claim that "Americans have known our wafel since its introduction in the 1964 World Fair in Flushing, Queens. We have the track record and the experience for a successful mission to America".

The debate in Belgium is growing more intense every day. The Flemish want the Brussels Wafel to be restored in it's 1960's glory. "New Yorkers still remember our wafel from the '64 World Fair", they say. "Our wafel has a special relationship with New York that cannot be easily replaced by another type of wafel". Walloons consider the surge as an opportunity to leave tradition behind and bring more innovative wafels to the world. "We know New Yorkers suffer from culinary ADD. They get bored very quickly and that is why a new dinges like our Liege Wafel is a better choice for the surge."

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