Monday, August 6, 2007

DeGeest report

The Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs released a statement today that no decision has been made as to which Wafel will be the center of the surge to bring the wafel back to the global front stage. Mrs. Vanderindevoorde, Assistant Secretary of Wafels explained: "We have composed a Special Study Group led by Mr. Tom DeGeest, and we are going to wait for his recommendations." Mr. DeGeest is an international wafel expert who previously led the wafel inspections in the Netherlands. He has been deployed for over 10 years in the United States. DeGeest held a public management position at IBM while working undercover for Belgium's National Wafel Inspection Agency. Mr. DeGeest declined our invitation to comment on the recent events. He said "I decline to comment on the recent events, however I am committed to find a democratic way to solve the Belgian Wafel crisis. The last thing we need in Belgium is another government resigning over culinary disagreements between the Walloons and the Flemish."

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