Monday, August 6, 2007

US to be Belgium's ally in Wafel surge

Belgium is still digesting the after-shocks of last week's leak from the Ministry of Culinary Affairs. Margot Vanderindevoorde, Assistant Secretary of Wafels, discussed on Wednesday the need for a massive campaign to win back the hearts and minds of Belgian wafel eaters across the world. She mentioned in her interview with the Flemish tabloid "De Standaard" that America would be the first target country to get re-acquainted with the unmistakable pleasures of real Belgian wafels. "In our July summit in Camp Dinges, we had a productive dialogue with the Americans. We both agree to support policies that promote global dinges trade. They also made promises to control the rampant wafel counterfeiting, in exchange for Belgium offering political asylum to Lindsay Lohan."

The Ministry of Culinary Affairs said it would deploy top wafel diplomats to New York in 2007, but would not commit to a precise time dinges. Also the Belgian King Albert II, a huge wafel eater himself, is about to approve increased dough production quotas in his royal Wafel bakeries. "We want our diplomats to be equipped with the best dough and toppings prior to hitting the ground with our American allies."

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