Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dear Cynthia W.

"dear waffle truck,

please come out to brooklyn (specifically park slope). we won't care if you double park, everyone does it! god knows the babies and stroller-moms would gobble them up. help a freelance designer out, save me from boring soft serve ice cream and bagels...bring me the waffles au' belgique!

cynthia w.
(Devoted to belgian waffles since 1980)"
Dear Cynthia,

I have good news for you. The Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs has just agreed to accept your application for the position of Special Wafel Envoy to Brooklyn. That means that you are now in charge of planning the first visit of the Wafels & Dinges truck to Brooklyn, more specifically to Park Slope. Pick a weekend day during the weekend of 11/17, of 12/01 or of 12/08. We'll come with the truck, you line up the moms, dads, babies and strollers and keep Mr. Softee at a safe distance. We know, from watching the movie "Blue in the Face", that Brooklyn has a special thing with waffles. So email your proposal (date, time, place) to the Department and we'll make it happen.

T. DeGeest - Special Envoy
Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs
Department of Wafels


SaraDru said...

Not 12/8!!! I'm coming all the way from California, and I want a waffle!!!

Anonymous said...

How great! Keep us posted. How about 7th ave & union?

goatmama said...

When are you coming to Santa CRuz? I want Wafel and Dinge in Santa Cruz. Last time I had Wafel was at flea market in Brussels. I wish you would come to Santa Cruz. Mary

Anonymous said...

i looked for you this morning 11/15 on Broadway and Prince at 8:15AM longing for some wafels, but you were not sad

Anonymous said...

Oh, PLEASE post where you'll be in Park Slope 12/8! And times! I'll bring a hoarde of hungry people for wafels (& dinges)

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