Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dear Brooklynites

Here's a letter from Jeremy in Park Slope:
"Brooklynites everywhere want to know, "When and where can we expect to greet our emissary from Belgium on Saturday? At what street corner will our noses be tempted by the smell of hot, delicious wafels? How long do we have to capture the mysterious dinges in the wild before they return to their native Manhattan? Tell us, O wafel magnate! Staunch devotee of the wafel, Jeremy"

And our response:

"Dear Brooklynites, Park Slopers and Jeremy,

I am sure you all know the movie "Blue in the Face", set in Brooklyn. Remember how the movie is sprinkled with random conversations about waffles? The Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs will thought this movie to be a piece of art. So they're honoring Brooklyn and sending down the Special Envoy for Wafels, T. DeGeest, on Saturday December 8. He went to check it out today and came back with the following:

I believe we'll shoot for 7th Avenue, somewhere between Union Street and 5th Street. Once we've found a spot on Saturday, our GPS system will kick in automatically (meaning, I will call my wife and she will update the website - if I ask nicely).

So - WHEN?
We're going to arrive between 10am and 11am, and stay till at least 6pm (maybe later).

If we get our wafel-vehicle all the way out to Brooklyn, you better show up Jeremy! Brooklyn has set high expectations - if I may believe "Blue in the Face", every second character in Brooklyn is a real waffle connoisseur!

We have not heard much from Cynthia Wang recently. Cynthia, if you are still in Brooklyn, please wake up and smell the waffles. We are counting on you to put together a welcoming committee for the Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs. Everyone's eagerly awaiting what you have in post a comment to this blog posting and let us know!


mllewang said...

To the Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs,

formidable!! i cannot express what a great honor it is to become your Special Wafel Envoy for Brooklyn. ever since i was a mere child, eating belgian waffles in places that do not ring of belgium (princeton, new jersey), i have hoped for this. my powdered sugar dreams have come true!

i think that the location best suited for your arrival would be that of 2nd street and 7th avenue (in front of the year round flea market), 4th street and 7th avenue, or if you can swing it, 7th and union (ultra mega stroller fantastic) – from 11am - 4pm (the brunch hours of my people)

as your envoy - i will attempt to keep the frozen non-dairy man away... but i am only human, and armed with only but a spoon.

the weekend of december 8th would be a delight. as would every weekend prior and after...

cynthia w.

Jeremy said...

Now that I know when and where, I will unquestionably be there on Saturday to receive the bounty of Belgium. Wild dogs, or packs of double-wide strollers, couldn't keep me from those culinary masterpieces! I pray only that my taste-buds are able to handle the avalanche of flavor that is currently charging down a Belgian peak towards them.


fd said...

Park Slope was indeed blessed to be visited by the venerable Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs yesterday and let me, as one of several Brooklyn emissaries who were on hand to greet the BMCA, invite him and his beautiful Queen to make PS a regular stop on his Royal journeys.
Indeed, this emissaries daughter had this to say about Liege mit Nutella:
"mmmmm....," while I say this about Liege natural: "mmmm..."

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