Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Back to Belgium

So there we were...back in the homeland of the wafel. Last week your Special Envoy for Wafels flew back to Belgium for a quick checkpoint with King Albert (oh yeah, there was also the 80th birthday of my Mom of course - but the King rather not know that I timed my visit to combine pleasure with business).

So I there I went in front of the Belgian parliament explaining how the wafel-surge in New York was progressing. My message was short and simple: The surge is working. Just look at recent spike in waffling by presidential candidates. Waffling is living a full revival, and according to a poll on our website, Hillary Clinton is leading the waffle-contest, closely followed by Obama and Romney. Waffle-poll numbers are just numbers of course, and they don't tell us why politicians waffle or which direction their waffling may go tomorrow. Either way, King Albert nodded approvingly as he saw the numbers, and that's all that counts. He's a man of few words and even fewer actions. I could leave the parliament and go home to the birthday party.

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