Sunday, August 24, 2008

Message from King Albert II

Dear friends in New York and in America,

Happy National Waffle Day. The queen and I are delighted to share this special day with the people of the USA.
One year ago, our Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs decided to help the USA with a waffle surge. Our Belgian observers had been monitoring waffle quality since the introduction of the Belgian waffle in 1964. In recent years, we had received alarming reports back about the fate of our Belgian waffle. There were instance of waffles being made of pancake mix, there were "Eggo waffles" being sold as Belgian waffles, there were greasy waffles in even greasier diners.
The Department of Wafels at the Ministry then decided to send help to the USA and the first Wafels & Dinges truck was launched in NYC. Real Belgian waffles were back in New York. The Wafels & Dinges truck is now the only place in the tri-state where you can get the original Brussels and Liege waffles - freshly baked.
We have also seen that our waffle-relief effort has spurned some followers, some good ones and some less honorable ones. We're happy to wish a happy National Waffle Day to our friends of Le Petit Belge, our friends at Petite Abeille and at Augustin's Waffles.
We are also proud to see that Wafels & Dinges are now available at The Bean Coffee & Tea in Manhattan and at Rockn'Joe Coffee in New Jersey. And even grocery stores like Garden of Eden and Fairways now carry our packaged Liege waffles.

All this makes for a great National Waffle Day. The queen and I are happy to see all this good news arriving from across the pond. We hope to join you next year for this special holiday.

Albert II,
King of Belgians and Head-Wafelmaster

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