Friday, October 17, 2008

Persona non Grata

We just received a telegram from the Belgian King Albert II and Queen Paola (that's how royalty communicates - they use pigeons or best case, telegrams). He's is not pleased. At all.
It went like this:

"Cher Monsieur Thomas,
You ave now been ower Speciale Envoy pour Waffels for one year, over dayer in New Yorr. You ave don a verry nice job, tres bien, at the least until yesterday.
We ave eared reports about yoor palling around with Texas Barbeque people. We also ave repports dat jou now serve our national pride Bruxelles waffle with smoked pulled pork. Quel desastre! Wayer is jour national Belgian honeur?? In La Belgique, the kween and I would never dayer to do aneeting like dat!!!"

What can I say? Here is our response.

"Dear Bert & dear Kween Polly,
For full disclosure, I was palling around with Smokin' Joe's when I was only 38 years old. I met him on the street in New York but he never contributed to my campaign in any way. It turns out that what the voters here in America want is a savory waffle for lunch. I know we've never done that in Belgium, but hey, the Americans let us put mayonnaise on our hamburgers, so it's only fair we serve them smoked pulled pork BBQ by Smokin' Joe's.
My offer for you and Queen Polly to come by the truck in NYC is still standing. Or at least send us a prime minister or the prince, so they can come and taste for themselves."


jesse said...

I just got one of your pulled pork special wafels- c'est incroyable!

lukske said...

I dont know, ik heb het nog niet geprobeerd aangzien ik van antwerpen ben, maar ik wil dat best wel eens proberen.

TODAY SHOW hosts the Waffle Guy

They don't make 'm anymore like that...