Monday, November 10, 2008

I solemny pledge.

There is only so much cheesiness a waffle-guy can take. About a week ago I was with my wife in the Starbucks on 6th Av and 21st Street. It was November 3rd. And they were playing Silent Night. And then they played Jinglebell. And then...get this...they played "do they know it's Christmas time?".

I tell you what, Starbucks people: do I know if it's Christmas time? Hell yeah, I sure do! And it ain't on November 3rd! Last time we checked it was almost 2 months from now!

So here's a pledge from the Waffle-Guy:
If ever, one day, we manage to open one or two little Wafels & Dinges stores, I solemnly pledge not to play ANY cheesy Christmas music before Easter! That is our pledge. There will be just ONE DAY per year where we play cheesy Xmas Carols. And that day will be in the middle of the summer, when it's over 100 Fahrenheit out!


daniele said...

Here here to that! And they'll be gingerbread crumble on every wafle and eggnog all around! I love you guys!

daniele said...

Here here to that! And they'll be summer eggnog and gingerbread crumble on every wafle! I love you guys.

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