Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wafels for Staten CX

Thanks to VisitFlanders.us, we'll be able to serve waffles at one of my favorite venues of all times: The Staten CX cyclocross race, held on Sunday, November 30.
My best memories of cycling certainly come from the typical Belgian "kermiskoers". Every village in Belgium had its annual street fair with as typical ingredients the bumpercars, the shooting stand, the rollercoaster and of course...the cycling race which would always swing by the street fair and then around the church tower before heading for a loop through the local fields and cobblestone roads. And a "kermiskoers" would not be a real one unless there were waffles being served, preferably with powdered sugar and whipped cream. In my mind, waffles are unmistakably married with cycling races, they are both part of the Belgian folklore, where the farmers take a day off to watch the race while chewing away on their cigars and where the local kids (and grown-ups) devour waffles with big smiles on their faces.

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