Monday, January 5, 2009

Top 10 of mechanical dinges

Dear Wafelettes, Dear Wafeloons,

It has been a wonderful year, 2008. I am delighted to see that our effort to bring back real Belgian waffles to New York has made so much progress (you may remember that our Ministry of Culinary affairs initiated the waffle-surge back in 2007, when the poor quality of the so-called "Belgian waffles" in America really became too much for the queen and me. We couldn't take it anymore).
In 2008 we have seen many New Yorkers turn into Wafels & Dinges fans. We have well over 400 followers on Twitter, and about 300 members on Facebook...But more importantly, we are proud of all the smiles we've put on New Yorkers' faces by serving great and fresh waffles.

For all you wafelers, there's a lot of stuff that goes on behind the stage that you'd never think off when you walk up to the truck. Here's just a quick top 15 selection from our 2008 adventures...

15. Seeing our expenses skyrocket with $4/gallon gas, 3 generators and a thirsty '68 eight-cylinder.

14. Breaking down on the day of the Vendys.

13. Suspension springs break in April. Truck looks a little tilted to the left.

12. Driving up 1st Avenue and pulling the shift-stick out of the floor of the truck

11. Rear axle breaks on the West Side highway and truck screeches to a sudden stop.

10. Lights refuse to work on a dark and scary trip through the woods of Westchester county.

9. Two accidents in two weeks decapitate both left and right mirror

8. Getting to know all day-time and night-time tow-guys in Manhattan

7. Paying the tow-guys with waffles.

6. Realizing that we never missed a single catering event despite all the breakdowns.

5. Loosing the starter motor bell housing somewhere on Park Avenue South.

4. Learning that such a bell housing is impossible to find or fix

3. Deciding that the only way to stay in business is to tow-start the truck every time we move.

2. An enormous BANG last week when we started the truck, setting of all car alarms on the block. No more starter motor, now no more exhaust pipe, but we have a turbo sound!!

1. Despite all this, our team pushes through and we're still up and running selling waffles every day.


SG said...

Hey Waffle Guy,

On Halloween, I got your Tweet that if you showed up in costume, you'd get free toppings. I showed up in my Sarah Palin costume, and you made me pay for my toppings. I think you thought I was a McCain supporter, which is not true -- I even told you that I was planning to vote for Obama, but I don't think you heard me. Anyhow, I felt really cheated. :(

daniele said...

Yeah team!

TODAY SHOW hosts the Waffle Guy

They don't make 'm anymore like that...