Sunday, March 1, 2009

Very Last Legs

Well, we already told you. The waffle truck is walking on its last legs. It's pretty much in a coma now - we can't even get it started anymore these days.This video is actually from better days, believe it or not. A few weeks ago we could still get it started if we towed with our car for like half a block or so. We'd slam it in second gear after 30 yards and then with loud banging and lots of backfiring it would eventually start. That techique worked pretty well until one day the backfire set the bottom of the truck on fire, and a few days later the cops pulled us over for illegal towing. At that very point, we knew. We reported the situation back to the Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs, and were told to scale back operations. Which is why most of the week we try to keep running on the corner of 22nd & 7th, so that die hard fans can still get the weekly dose. On the weekends we've been hiring a tow-truck to get us to Park Slope, but even that is coming to an end soon.The Assistant Secretary of Wafels, Ms Vanderindevoorde, meanwhile has proposed a tax increase on Belgian french fries in order to secure budget for a new wafel-truck. It's a measure causing a big controversy with the french fry eaters in Belgium, who claim that it really is the turn for the mussels and the brussels sprouts to get a tax increase. We'll see if Ms. Vanderindevoorde can work a deal in the parliament. It certainly sounds like the King will be on her side, since the waffle-surge in NYC was his pet project from the get-go.

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