Sunday, August 30, 2009

Secrets of the US Open Tennis

Ever wondered how our Belgian ladies so often make it to #1 in the global tennis rankings? Look no further.
You didn't really believe it to be a coincidence how the gridded shape of Liege waffles resembles that of a tennis racket?

Thanks Kim, for visiting us at the "Taste of Tennis" event last week!


Nicole said...

The Upper West Side desperately misses your wafels. Please pay us a visit!
Nicole R.

Huy said...

Hi I'm from Liege in Belgium, and I have to say that you brought us back the pride that our national football team and politician took away from us. Thx :-)

Louisette passion retriever, cat, memory Katanga said...

Hello from Belgium, wish you more and more succees with Belgium's waffels.Best regard from Mons,
Louisette ex- expat Kzi passion retriever. Have a nice day.
Fyne zondag bij u, bent een gelukkige ambassadeur van onze smakelijk wafels , groetjes .

Pierre-Michel Ghyoot said...

You deserve the Waffle-Nobel Prize

Proficiat - Congratulation

Vive les belges qui sont fiers de l'ĂȘtre et qui le prouvent.

Leven de Belgen die er trots zijn en die het bewijzen.

TODAY SHOW hosts the Waffle Guy

They don't make 'm anymore like that...