Thursday, October 29, 2009

NYC Marathon Booster

This just in:

(do we sound like Fox News or what??)

> Phone rings
> Hello, this is the waffle-guy - what can I do for you?

Excited lady on the other line:

>> Listen, last year I saw your truck on the UWS the day before the Marathon, I had a wafel and I ran an awesome time. Where will you be this year?
> Well normally we would be in Park Slope on Saturdays.
>> What?? No. No!! You HAVE to be on the UWS side the weekend of the Marathon. I HAVE to have my wafel before the Marathon. Have to have to have to.
> Well, uh, sure lady. We will consider that.

So, dear Marathon Lady. Consider it done. That day, just check the hotline for the exact location: 866-429-7329

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