Wednesday, March 24, 2010

International Waffle Day - No But.

So, it's International Wafel Day (IWD) on Thursday. And people are asking if we're doing our traditional hour of free waffles. The answer is no-but.  No, but we are doing something else. IWD originates from Sweden to celebrate the start of spring (after the Swedes have been boozing through their long dark winter, you can imagine what a feast that is...). So we're going to give away FREE waffles, ALL DAY, but only to those people who wear something YELLOW.
That's right. Yellow is of course the color of spring, the color of Wafels & Dinges and a color in the Swedish flag. So voila. There you have it. Tomorrow, you either pay for your wafel with green, or you wear yellow.

46th btw 5th and 6th
+ Must wear yellow piece of clothing
+ No swapping of shirts, scarfs or underwear etc. with other people in the street
+ Shall only come get 1 free waffle and will follow the honor system
+ Shall get 1 free wafel + 1 free topping - to avoid super long lines.
+ Shall enjoy the wafel and write a thank-you letter to the Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs. 

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