Wednesday, March 24, 2010

International Waffle Day

As you well know, every quarter we're supposed to send a quarterly report to the Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs.  That report then gets screened and edited for profanities (which are added), and next it goes to King Albert II who reads it out loud to his grand kid princes before they go to bed.
This quarter the reporting date coincides with International Waffle Day (which actually originates in Sweden). Belgians, and especially the folks at the Ministry, couldn't give a flying dinges about I.W.D., since in Belgium EVERY day is waffle day. But hey, we're the Special Envoys for the Ministry here in NYC, and some people think it's a big deal (for example, this writer at Citysearch who blatantly forgets to list the Wafels & Dinges truck in his special IWD article: Sir, which dungeon have you been hiding in?)
So here's our status report to the Ministery and to the King (pre-profanities):
  • Dear Ms. Vanderindevoorde, Dear Royal Highness King Albert II
  • Everything's good in NYC. Sun's out again and winter's almost over.
  • We've added a few downtown locations. Downtown people are tres cool. Ah oui.
  • Bobby Flay was a very nice in person. We had good fun.
  • We're thinking of hiring a local Belgian guy, teaching him NY-ese.
  • Most of all, we're building some waffle-carts. Almost done. Fixed locations to be announced soon.
  • We have some BIG menu surprises coming for spring (see secret memo XVIII-A-IV-cf-Z). 
  • Say hi to the family and friends in Belgium.
Allez, salut!

Special Envoy for Waffles
Belgian Ministery for Culinary Affairs.

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