Sunday, April 11, 2010

Leopard Print Carpet

It's once again time for the WAFELETTE OF THE WEEK!! This week's Wafelette is Lindsay. Lindsay works in publishing and her office has a leopard print carpet, where she sits staring at her collection of penguin-shaped paperclips and thank you notes received from authors.  On the side, she just finished up graduate school, where she was studying to become a school librarian. She also just completed jury duty and is now trying to be less creeped out by everyday New Yorkers.  She thinks it's a good thing that she has a lot that makes her happy, like her awesome friends and her cute boyfriend, going to spin class at the gym, hello kitty, flip flops, bargain shopping, and new york magazine crossword puzzles.  She believes in karma, enjoys eating delicious treats (i.e. waffles) frequently, and laughing even more frequently.  When she is not stalking waffle truck on twitter (and pouting if they are not visiting Midtown East soon enough), she enjoys going on the swings, riding her bike, reading, and napping.  Her wafel of choice, is of course, a WMD.  She piles it on with: strawberries & bananas, spekuloos spread, walnuts, and whipped cream. Congrats to Lindsay! We're sure she'll take full advantage of her free WMDs. See you at the truck Lindsay!

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the artist within... said...

Lindsay, you're my Hero...PERP!

TODAY SHOW hosts the Waffle Guy

They don't make 'm anymore like that...