Friday, June 4, 2010

Our 7000th Twitter Follower

So, we decided to do something unprecedented and a little crazy. We gave our 7000th Twitter follower a month of FREE WAFELS! Yes, you read that right. Here she is, the envy of all the wafeleurs and wafelettes out there in wacky wafel world. IT'S LENA! This is what she had to say about herself:
 My name is Lena, I am an NYU student from southern California. I call the East Village/Union Square area my home (though I temporarily relocated to SoHo for the summer to switch things up a bit). Tuesday and Thursday afternoons this past spring were the days where I walk past Astor place on the way home from class, where I cannot help eyeing the Wafels & Dinges truck parked innocuously on Astor Place. When I practice self-restraint (infrequent), or when I am not carrying cash (frequent), I walk up to the truck, linger, breathe in happy waffle smells, and occasionally draw on the blackboard before I scuttle on my way again. But when I do decide to consume half a day's worth of calories in one go and then walk around in a sugar coma for an hour, I make sure to get ice cream with my wafel, because I don't know of any desserts/sweets that ice cream doesn't make better. Then I take the stairs in lieu of the elevator and convince myself I have just burned off the extra calories, and that everything will be okay. Random fact about me: I often eat dessert before (or in place of) regular meals. I occasionally supplement this diet with vegetables from the Whole Foods salad bar. I also like pandas.
Congratulations to Lena! I can't imagine what we'll do for number 10,000. Guess we'll just have to see. See you at the truck!

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