Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wafelette of the Week

Hey all you crazy Wafeleurs and Wafelettes out there in crazy wafel world. It's time, once again, for the Wafelette of the Week! Each week, off the coast of Belgium, thousands of mussels detach themselves from the rocks and float to the surface to look at moon and contemplate their existence. As they float to the surface, they form themselves into the name of the Wafelette of the Week. This week, it's Jamie! We asked her for a bio, and here's what she had to say:

Bio: My name is Jamie, and I'm an actress (working!) who recently moved back to NYC to pursue my passion. Currently I'm performing in an off-Broadway play, study Media Arts at NYU, and have an older sister. I go running 6 days a week in Central Park, and love watching and playing tennis. 
Age: Never ask a lady her age;-)
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Family: I compare them to The Adaams Family. They can't help it.
Friends: I still have great friends from middle school. Rarely happens to New Yorkers.
Likes: Duh (winning!) Wafels & Dinges, of course! Tom Cruise, David Beckham, Boris Kodjoe, Michael Fassbender (oh he was so hot in Inglourious Basterds!)
Dislikes: Mean girls, narcissists, loud people
Favorite Color: Emerald Green
Favorite Number: 7
Favorite Ground Mammal: Maltese pups
Favorite Waffle Topping: SPEKULOOS!
Best Wafel Experience: The day I lost my wafel virginity. I had seen the truck many times in the city, but was always dieting so I didn't indulge. When I gave myself a treat, I thought I died and gone to heaven. I was walking through the West Village eating my wafel, and when I finished, I walked all the way back to the truck and ordered a second wafel! It's been my crack ever since.

There you have it folks! Congrats again to Jamie, and we hope she enjoys the free wafels! Who will be the lucky one next week? You?

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