Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Special of the Week!

Dear Wafeleurs and Wafelettes,

America's 235th birthday might be over and done with, but we won't let you guys fall into that "over the hill" slump.

This week's wafel special THE CHURRO WAFEL is returning due to popular demand. Wafel lovers like you know it's a classic.  And here at W&D, we serve class to the classy - all atop a wafel!  Roll those "Rs" and speed rrrrrright on over to your nearest cart or truck to indulge!


Enjoy your favorite Liege or Brussels wafel with some delicious Dulce de Leche dipped in cinnamon sugar! 


**A special note for all our powdered sugar fanatics. This wafel is void of any powdered sugar. If withdrawal symptoms occur, please contact your nearest waffle guy or gal for emergency wafel assistance.   

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