Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wafelette of the Week

Hello again all you crazy Wafeleurs and Wafelettes out there in crazy wafel world. It is time, once again, for the Wafelette of the Week! Each week Martin Maartens from Ghent ties little pieces of paper with the names of all possible Wafelettes and Wafeleurs to his three million pigeons. The pigeons are then released, and race from his farm in Ghent to New York, then back. The winner this week is Amanda! We asked Amanda for a bio, and here's what she had to say:

Hi! My name is Amanda and as of today I am 22 years old! I just moved to NYC from North Carolina where I graduated from UNC (GO HEELS!)! My loves include cheese, anything with tomato/basil/pesto, traveling, dogs, Spain, Ireland, and WAFELS! My best wafel experience would be waking up on my birthday to the best email ever - that I was chosen as the Wafelette of the Week! Can a birthday get any better?? I doubt it.

There you have it folks. Congrats again to Amanda! She'll be enjoying a couple of free wafels and, of course, the honor. Who will it be next week? You?

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