Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wafelette of the Week

Hello out there all you crazy Wafel People, and welcome to another installment of the Wafelette of the Week! There is an old man sitting on top of a mountain in Belgium. He is perpetually silent, except for once a week when he utters the name of the Wafelette of the Week, and then orders a Stella. This week, it's Odalys! We asked her for a bio, and here's what she had to say:

My name is Odalys J. I'm 20 years old. My first waffle expirience was recently and it was amazing!! No other words could describe it. I instnatly became hooked to the speculoos spread. YUM!! My best friend is going to be super excited to hear I won this. Now I can go back to school a happy camper :)

There you have it folks! Congrats again to Odalys. If you see her walking down the street, be sure to throw rose petals in her path, perhaps she'll share her winnings with you...but probably not.

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