Thursday, August 4, 2011

Special of the Week!

Hi there Wafeleurs & Wafelettes!

A typical Belgian tradition is the one of the mass exodus of people going on vacation during the summer months, escaping the rainy summer and the constant uncertainty of actual sun.
Not only families, but also companies, stores, doctors, etc close shop for at least a couple weeks. So it is not uncommon to see your favorite book store closed for 2 weeks or your doctor on vacation for the month of July. The country basically shifts into (a couple of) lower gear(s).

This past week, the Ministry of Culinary Affairs had its yearly vacation time with most of its employees taking off to the South of France, Italy, Spain or Turkey to get some much needed sun.

They are back in business however, giving us the official stamp of approval for this week's brand new special of the week!


 Your favorite Brussels or Liege wafel with:
  • peaches (from a 7th generation family farm called Prospect Hill Orchards in Milton, NY)
  • whipped cream
  • cinnamon sugar
Our culinary chefs highly recommend some walnuts or ice cream (Vanilla or Spekuloos flavors this week!) to tantalize your taste buds even more. But as always, you're in charge of your dinges!


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