Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wafelette of the Week

Hello, once again, all you crazy wafeleurs and wafelettes out there in crazy wafel world, and welcome to another Wafelette of the Week. At birth, all the wafeleurs and wafelettes of the week were implanted with a microchip that would one day activate when it came time for them to be chosen. Once activated, the microchip will play highly offensive sounds until the chosen wafeleur/wafelette eats a wafel. This week, it's Lisa! We asked Lisa for a bio, and here's what she had to say:

Hi fellow foodies!  My name is Lisa Reid O'Rourke and my day job is being a Speech Pathologist in a hospital, but I also teach cooking classes in my hometown of Baton Rouge, LA (hence the wearing of the apron in my picture).   My very first experience with Wafles and Dinges was on a Food Truck Walking Tour in December 2010 (thanks Brian Hoffman).  I had a Liege wafle with Spekuloos spread melting all over it.  I was so enthralled that I had to visit the Wafles and Dinges booth at the Union Square Holiday Market every day during my visit.   I bought some jars of Spekuloos spread to take home, but the airport security guard tried to confiscate my jars (a liquid really???).  However, when I noticed the drool dripping off his chin as he cradled my Spekuloos in his arms, I took back my jars  and he "escorted" me out of security.  I unhesitatingly paid $30 to check my bag of Spekuloos so it could be transported safely home.  I'd like to share the honor of Wafelette of the Week with my daughter Sally O'Rourke (who you may recognize  as being a winning contestant on Jeopardy!).   Whenever I visit her in NYC,  she helps me stalk--I mean chase-- down the nearest Wafles and Dinges truck.  Sally even made me a wafles "cake" with Spekuloos "frosting" for my birthday in June.  Because I live in Baton Rouge (where alas there are no wafles), I keep a supply of the individually wrapped liege wafles in my freezer.  And when I've been a very good girl, I take one out to toast and spread with Spekuloos.  Now, if only there was a way to ship Belgian Madness ice cream without melting....that would help tide me over until my next visit to the land of "Good Things Belgian".  
There you have it folks. Congrats again to Lisa! She'll enjoy a couple of wafels on us, and the respect and jealousy of her peers. Who will it be next week? You? 

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