Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Special of the Week!

Hi there Wafeloons!

The past two weeks have been rough on our culinary department. We have seen massive rainfall causing some flooding in our company headquarters. Preliminary reports indicate no wafel casualties. However, a few of Liege wafels were taken to the wafel hospital after showing signs of "wafel al-dente". The pearl sugar of the Liege wafel allegedly interacted with water, causing it to harden, so rendering it unfit for sale. In total, 4 Liege wafels required emergency consumption by trained Wafels & Dinges staff (according to the Belgian "Leave No Wafel Behind"-act, prohibiting the disposal of any wafels). Despite the mishap, our sources say they were still super delicious.

Despite this wafel drama, our chefs did manage to concoct a weekly special that will make your ears whistle! They made another trip out to Prospect Hill Orchards in Milton, NY to handpick an all-American ingredient to go with an all-Belgian wafel. After carefully experimenting with a variety of dinges, we are proud to present to you yet another mouthwatering masterpiece. Even your family's apple-pie expert (every family has one) will savor this orchard fresh treat. Its taste will bring you (and your grandmama...or Aunt BettySue...or Uncle Ronnie?) one step closer to wafel Valhalla! Behold:


Your favorite Liege or Brussels wafel:
  • Spekuloos Spread (if you have never had it before, this is a great wafel to try it on!)
  • Diced Apples
  • Wildflower Honey
In true Wafels & Dinges style, this wafel is a mere foundation for you to build on. Feel free to add your favorite dinges to make it your very own unique wafel treat!

Don't forget to tell grandma her apple pie's got some competition!

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