Monday, September 19, 2011

Wafelette of the week!

Hi there Wafeleurs & Wafelettes!

We know we have been quiet on our weekly wafeleur/wafelette announcement. Reason for this was a massive overhaul of the Wafeleur/Wafelette-selection department. Also, the process involves intensive international background checks on the selected person's waffle consumption, membership of certain wafel-criminal organizations (like the Waffle House's regulars club) and so forth, we have to make sure everything is checked and approved by Belgian authorities before we can announce it to the general public. This week's Wafelette got the all-clear! Congratulations to Jessie! Here is what she had to say about herself:

My name is Jessie Saltzman I recently moved to NY from Texas. In Texas I was focusing and mainly putting all my effort toward Musical Theatre. I still have a passion for it, and currently take private lesson; voice and acting. I don't have that big of a family, some here in New York and only a few back in Texas. All my friends are spread around the United States for college and I miss them dearly. But a few of them attend school in the city so I get to see them frequently. I currently work at 2 theatres and also a tiny retail job. I like the outdoors, cooking, and photography. Dislikes would be snakes, I sound like a little kid; and more. My favorite color would have to be a tie in between electric blue and neon orange. Ahh favorite wafel topping?!! One topping that you can find on most of my wafels would be strawberries so I guess thats pretty up there, but last week I tried spekuloos (I don't know if I spelled that correctly) spread... and it was AMAZING! I love it! Good wafel experience would have to be my first Wafel and Dinges experience, now anytime I'm in the park or happen to see the location of the truck and I'm near by, I have to get some and I got my friends hooked too... and funny thing is orignally he didn't like wafels to begin with!

There you have it! Congratulations again to Jessie! Do know that when you approach her in an aggressive manner, she has two secret wafel agents by her side armed with wafel forks and iron scrapers, protecting her dinges at all times. 

See you all next week!

PS. Want to become our Wafeleur/Wafelette of the week? Sign up on our website or send us an original tweet and maybe you will receive this prestigious title and 2 free WMDs!

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