Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hi Wafeloons & Wafelonnes,

Breaking news in the Belgian Space Program this week.  Marking the capstone flight of the WafelCraft Series, Belgium's last astronaut-manned spacecraft made its final journey back through the atmosphere on Monday.  When asked what kept the brave spacemen motivated on the long journey to and from the International Space Station, the Belgians aboard the WafelCraft insisted that it was the mysterious machine specifically engineered for the crew and installed just days before takeoff.  Custom made in Belgium's industrial city of Charleroi, DE CHOCLOTRON provided an endless amount of Belgium's finest hot cocoa to the cold and lonely spacemen aboard the flight. After much discussion, pleading, and paperwork, Wafels & Dinges was able to obtain the rights to the protocol and has now recreated Earth's finest hot cocoa machine to ever be used by man.  And they're in every cart and truck.  New York really does have everything. So taste a sip of history - you don't even have to wear a silly spacesuit.  It's guaranteed to be out of this world.

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