Monday, October 3, 2011

Wafelette of the week!

Hi there Wafeleurs & Wafelettes!

"If Belgian men were as sweet as the wafels at Wafels & Dinges, I would surely marry one". This statement by Deepa Baalakrishnan led the head of the wafeleur/wafelette selection committee to promptly crown her as the new Wafelette of the week. It turned out to be a contentious decision. Behind the scenes discussions between all heads of departments within the Ministry of Culinary affairs culminated at a special meeting at the nearest "frietkot" (a place where Belgians buy and devour their fries) in Brussels (!) to settle their differences. After the head of selection survived a vote of no-confidence (for being too persuadable) he was allowed to carry on and reward Deepa with a gift certificate for 2 FREE Wafels of Massive Deliciousness!Here's her bio:

Name: Deepa Baalakrishnan
I work in Manhattan close to 52 and 6th and await my wafel and dinges experience every friday(I try!) !
Zodiac-Virgo(Sep 13)
Friends-Lots of them!!
Likes- Waffles? :-)
Dislikes - Unfriendly and rude people..
Favorite Waffle/Dinges experience: Hot Belgian Cocoa along-side a bacon waffle! And beer icecream to top!
My Waffle Experience: This past friday..On a rainy,gloomy day the only reason to walk out of the building was to have the most delicious heavenly experience waiting right outside in the form of a mini-waffle cart.The hot chocolate fudge/beer icecream topping made wading through the rain worth every minute!
Congratulations again to Deepa! To worried readers: after the internal scuffle things are back to normal at company headquarters.

Want to become our Wafeleur/Wafelette of the week? Sign up on our website or send us an original tweet and maybe you will receive this prestigious title and 2 free WMDs!

See you next week!

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