Thursday, February 7, 2008

Extreme Dinges with Marty

This triangulated love affairs between Park Slope, the Wafels & Dinges truck and myself is not coming to an end any time soon.
Our next third trip to Park Slope is coming up this Saturday, February 7. We will arrive at 7th Avenue and Carroll Street around 11 am, and if all goes well, we'll be there till 7 pm. So far for the practicalities. Let's get to the love-affair.
What is it that makes Brooklynites so passionate about Belgian waffles? Just a few weeks ago, out of nowhere, strange things started happening. First, some people started floating the rumor that Marty Markowitz would come by the truck. Before we knew it, we're talking to Marty's office to confirm that Brooklyn's borough president is effectively showing up at the waffle truck this Saturday at 2 pm. We're sure Marty would love nothing more than eating a waffle in the company of fellow Brooklynites, so be there - 2 pm, and have a party! But that's not all...

Now, we've also heared rumors that Channel 12 may be coming down to 7th Avenue to report on the third visit of the waffle truck...they were not sure yet though. So if you want to be seen on the evening news waving waffles at mom and dad...this is your chance.

Did I mention Brooklynites are nuts about waffles. Let's just look at some proof of that. A few days ago, we received an email from a certain Katherine. It went like this:
"Dear Thomas, My name is Katherine and I am a friend of Cynthia - the sweet charismatic lady who talked you into Park Slope venue. She was kind enough to mention this god's work to me and, being a waffle fan as well, I felt this was a worthy cause to put my energy in as well. I suggested to design a few invite cards (4x6 may be) to spread the word through our fair grounds of your coming. I thought the designs can be different in nature to appeal as many viewers as possible. Cynthia loved the idea and suggested I contacted you as soon as possible."

Her designs were awesome (look for yourself). Did I just say Brooklynites are nuts about waffles? Katherine, Cindy - a big thank you...I still can't believe you gals pulled this together. We are arranging a special audience by his Royal Highness King Albert II.


Katarina said...

Thank you for your kind mention Thomas!

How can a good waffle be not appreciated!!!???
'Tis a labor of love!

But more than that - being of not an indigenous stock myself, I have nothing but admiration for those who would rattle every available window of opportunity in their new world. And since your approach makes people nothing but happy I would love to lend a helping hand to a worthy cause (I was only lucky to have some spare time and of course you came highly recommended).
I would much rather promote these crispy-golden wonders than a cholesterol 'medicine' that makes your liver fall out... or trendier-than-5-minutes-ago bit of an electronic trinket for the herd of the super-cool ...
You reminded us of what real food should taste like!
It should not be made in factories from flavored styrofoam, by people who hate their lives. It should be loved and cherished by creators as well as the beholders.

Rock and waffle on my friend!
Yours is a road to happiness (and hopefully prosperity and good fortune) through the eternal (as well as IN-ternal) gratitude of adoring masses.
All the best wishes - ALWAYS.

Katherine (and surely Cynthia would agree).

Val! said...

I have to agree - the flyers are just great! I was so happy to see your truck - I edit for NBC and cut a piece for the Today in NY show a few months ago about you guys and REALLY want to try yr wafels!! Then to see you - and to see such AWESOME Kick-arse branding!! Katherine is fabulous! What a great job!!
Hey Kat,
Ever feel inspired by semi-odd but always rad video editors looking to rebrand? :)


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