Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let them juices flow

Let them creative juices flow. Ooh yeah!

Dear Wafelistos and Wafelistas, we are planning a major redo of our little website here. For that we are working with a bunch of programmer-geeks, which means we're not so sure of the creative part. Here is the question. We'd like to have some quirky, goofy flash on our site's home page. And for that we'd like to tap your creative juices. There's a couple of main elements we're thinking of: the truck, the Special Envoy (i.e. myself), maybe his Royal Highness (i.e. King Albert II). Other than that, it's carte blanche.
So, sit down, relax and if you need to, get some mind-altering substance. Dream up some crazy stuff and let us know what it should look like....Post it as a comment here or send to


Faberge said...

Definitely have some animated food. Maybe strobing, zooming waffles and falling strawberries? Or a river of syrup cascading. Something animated with the food.

Love the arty 1970's poster, btw.

gunther said...

I envision friendly distorted talking wafels :-)

good to see your wafles online,
all the best from Germany!


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