Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy International Waffle Day

Yes, today is International Waffle Day. At least that's what the Swedes have decided. If it depended on us, every day is International Waffle Day. But hey, it gives us another reason to write a blog posting and that's in the end how feel we had a productive day. Also, it looks like AM New York picked up on this major event. They had the audacity to put our truck right next to a picture of the Waffle House and Eggo Waffles. It was probably more the audacity of dope in their case, because we know only know the Waffle House waffle as a remote cousin of the real Belgian Wafel - it's a version that's not much more that a large spongy slab for cheap syrup and even cheaper Hershey chocolate sauce...But on this special Waffle Day, let's be gratious and celebrate all waffles, even our remote cousins who strayed of the right path years ago...

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LDE said...

HAPPY International WAFFLE/WAFEL DAY!.. from a semi-Swede.. Who knew those low-key folk had so damn many holidays?! Glad you discovered it, Minister.
Love your blog -so clever.. you are cracking me up over here.. cannot wait to get to NYC soon for REAL wafels!
with great affection,
Lisa Erickson

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