Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Salty Permissions

It was expected to be a difficult conversation with His Royal Highness, King Albert II. We knew his first reaction to the topic on the table would be outright indignation and shock. Who knew where his mood would swing from there, up to furor or down to curiosity and inquiry?
The topic on the table was a new topping for the Brussels Wafel. A topping that is highly unusual in the Belgian waffle etiquette and somewhat frowned upon. A salty topping! We were about to break all the rules of Belgian waffling by adding a four cheese sauce to our menu. In Belgian we would go straight to hell for that, but hey, we're far away from the home country so we can take some liberty!
The King was, indeed, in shock at first.
King: "You wiz your Wafels & Dinges in New York are violating our tradition of having only za sweet wafels"
W&D: "We know, your royal highness, but we think our fellow New Yorkers will really like it"
King: "I shall discuss za matter with za Queen"
W&D: "The Queen would certainly like our "Flemish Four Cheese Sauce", it's made with a blend of four cheese, cream from Walloon cows and a touch of nutmeg and black pepper". If you have any doubts come to New York and see for yourself".
King: "Unfortunately we still don't have a government 11 months apres za elections. I am bound my Kingdom forever. But I am in a good mood today because za sun came out for 6.3 minutes today. So you can go ahead and make your Flemish Four Cheese Sauce. Just don't tell the Ministry of Culinary Affairs!"
W&D: "Thank You, Mr. King"

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